Make your lips Beautiful by doing these tips

Having beautiful lips is naturally possible if you add a few things to your beauty pageant and change a few things in your diet. We tell you the basic

How you get Beautiful Lips | Pink Lips

There is nothing more satisfying than looking in the mirror and seeing your lips wet, beautiful, healthy and ready to wear red lipstick.
Do you think that is impossible? Not at all! 
Having beautiful lips is naturally possible if you add a few things to your beauty pageant and change a few things in your diet. We tell you the basic things you need to do to have the beautiful lips

Having beautiful lips is a dream of many women. Who wouldn’t love to show off with thick and full lips without going through the operating room? It is true that the result may not be the same, but it is possible to achieve it because of simple techniques and some natural remedies. 

There are many women who want to enlarge their lips to produce the most delicate and delicate lips. In this way, they will emphasize the beauty of their face and will look their best when wearing makeup. Write down the following tips and find out how to get thick lips in a simple and natural way.

Drink lot of Water

This is a must-have for all beauty courses in the world. Drinking water gives you all the benefits that are available for your skin, your body, to be awake and sleep well and more.
So if you read and have never had water, what are you waiting for?
But according to the title of this post, lips are another part of your body that can seem 100% benefit when you are hydrated and the first step to having beautiful lips, from dehydration, is the first to show signs of your lips see if something is wrong.

We are not talking about to put Them

So do it! We are not talking about putting on a body scrub, because that can really hurt them, but we are talking about mixing a little white sugar with coconut oil or shea butter

HOW to apply it

To take care of your body, you must never harm it, that should be the law of gold in your mind. Massage your lips will remove dirt and dead skin, giving way to excellent texture.
Make your lips Beautiful by doing these tips

You should always have these thing

Always carry with you your makeup kit, your daily bag and your travel kit, it is a moisturizing balm. Although drinking water will help keep them looking good, it is not wrong to give them a little help to keep them looking

Remember that every day we expose ourselves to things that do not really benefit us (pollution, spirituality, sunlight, etc.). So a little balm or Vaseline will be your main partners

Use Sunscreen Cream

Lips are another part of the body that people think does not need sunscreen, but it is wrong! You have to protect your whole body; from the shoulders, legs and feet, to the face, the line separating your hair, neck and lips. 

Fortunately, you do not need to apply body sunscreen, as there are already lipsticks that include sunscreen and will not leave your lips feeling dull or uncomfortable. No excuses!

Take Vitamin E for Beautiful Lips

Taking vitamins (properly) also gives your body many benefits, in addition to giving it less energy to lift it, especially if you are eating a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and a proper protein and carbohydrate balance. . 

If you want healthy skin and lips, supplement your diet with vitamin E, or vitamins, or foods such as olive or sunflower oil, whole grains, egg yolks, fruits and seeds. 

Remove All makeup Before Sleeping

Just as you take care of your eyes, you should take care of your lips and if you use five minutes before bed to remove your eyeliner and mascara, you can use an extra minute to remove your lipstick. Let your lips breathe at night, to prepare for a new day

 are soft, so the skin in this area should be in perfect condition. Therefore, the first thing you should do is remove your lips at least once a week to remove all the dead cells that make different types of lips look dry and hard.

Use Aloe vera 

Aloe vera has a high soothing effect, and it is so easy to apply that you should apply only its pulp or small gel on the lips. The effect of hydration and softening is immediate, giving a very flattering effect of thick lips

Using Shea butter

This natural product is perfect for quenching thirst and deepening water. To benefit from its properties, spread it lightly on your lips.

Use Virgin wax and almond oil

If you combine a few drops of almond oil with a pinch of melted beeswax and apply it to your lips, its amazing moisturizing properties can soothe your lips with just a few operations.

Clean the area to encourage blood circulation

As mentioned earlier, to get thick lips you can gently massage the area. In this way, by increasing blood circulation, the muscles of the lips will improve and, therefore, your lips will look bigger. 

For best results, you can do a massage with an ice cube or aloe vera gel, gaining a reddish but natural and very attractive tone. Be very careful if you choose to use ice, you can damage this soft spot. So, no matter what type of lips you have, wrap the cube with clean gauze or cloth before rubbing it on your lips for about 5 minutes. This way you will avoid burnout and irritation, and remember to do it every day. 

Cinnamon enlargement of the lips 

To make the lips thicker and fuller you can also use the amazing properties of cinnamon. You will only need to mix a little petroleum jelly with cinnamon powder and apply this paste on your lips, letting it sit for 10 minutes. Then, rinse with plenty of warm water and apply a little of your regular lips.

Exercise is beneficial for your lips

If you are not used to exercising your lips daily, you should know that doing so can help you achieve lush and beautiful lips faster. In addition, they are the simplest exercises you can do with the comfort of your home while doing other activities. What works best is to set your mouth as if you were going to relax and maintain this position for about 10 minutes.

Makeup Tips for Full Lips 

Finally, makeup is the best partner for changing the shape of all lips. This way you will make them look fuller, so do not miss these self-paced tricks to enlarge the lips:

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